Viti Vini Verde Cultura

Viti Vini Verde Cultura

Viticulture = what happens in the vineyard
Viniculture = what happens in the winery
Verde cultura = “green” philosophy of winemaking

From the vineyard to the bottle and beyond, Viti Vini Verde Cultura is an exciting Global Bridges initiative to promote sustainable wine culture, bringing together a select group of family-run, Spanish wineries that produce limited-quantity, high-quality wines with a sense of place and respect for Mother Nature.

Viti Vini Verde Cultura provides member wineries with a whole host of collective benefits, including integrated marketing, event management, media relations, online, and social media services, to help raise awareness about sustainability in Spanish winemaking.

The Viti Vini Verde Cultura brand serves as an umbrella to market sustainable Spanish wines economically and effectively in the USA and other markets, building a strong market presence for handcrafted wines and providing recognition for specialist winemakers that, otherwise, would be expensive to achieve.

Viti Vini Verde Cultura certification, which includes placement of the VVV logo on member wineries’ bottles, lets consumers and retailers know that a wine is not just an authentic, artisanal product, but that it has been made in a way that takes into account growing sensibility for natural production methods.

Viti Vini Verde Cultura responds to the demands of a fast-expanding market segment of affluent, educated consumers, providing a guarantee they can trust of a wine’s sustainable providence, while offering wineries all the advantages of sharing costs while working together to maximize impact and exposure.

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