Alma de Vino ®

Alma de Vino ®


Drawing on two decades’ adventures in Spanish wine and a desire to share some of her favorites with a wider audience, April Cullom has curated a collection of premium wines from some of the most interesting wine regions (Denominación de Origen) in Spain to create the Alma de Vino brand, a faithful reflection of the soul of the country’s wine, place and people.

A selection of white and red wines in various styles make up the Alma de Vino collection, featuring some of Spain’s most emblematic grapes as well as a number of lesser-known varieties, produced using both traditional and contemporary methods to showcase the best of Spanish winemaking.

Alma de Vino wines are ideal for those who already know and love Spanish wines, but wish to expand their tastes in new directions, as well as for those who have had their fill of everyday wines and want something different that makes any occasion a little bit special.

Alma de Vino labels feature original art by April’s uncle, Sergio González Tornero, whose family is originally from Logroño, the heart of the Rioja region, that hints at the contents of the bottle in an eye-catching, elegant expression of the wines’ character and complexity.

Casa Abril ®

Casa Abril ®


To complement the premium Alma de Vino collection, April Cullom has selected a range of easy-drinking, everyday wines that are far from ordinary. All Casa Abril wines are made in family-run wineries in some of Spain’s most famous regions (Denominación de Origen), and respect both Mother Nature and your wallet.

Casa Abril wines – available in a choice of red, white, and rosé, using well-known native Spanish grapes, such as Godello, Albariño, Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Verdejo, in blends and mono-varietals  – are the perfect choice to enjoy your very own ‘house wine’ in the comfort of your own home.

Made by some of Spain’s finest winemakers, and using their understanding of how to make budget-conscious wines taste anything but, Casa Abril wines are the ideal wines for retailers to stack high and restaurants to serve by the glass, while keeping prices deliciously low, in the SRP $12-14 range.