Casa Abril Selections

Casa Abril Selections

Casa Abril Selections works in partnership with Spanish food and wine producers, selecting and sourcing high-quality goods to suit the tastes of international consumers.

We find products that will sell worldwide, negotiate pricing and sale conditions, look after FDA registration, and get your goods to market, on budget and on time.

This involves close collaboration at every stage of the production process, from before the harvest has ripened to the time that products are ready for delivery.

We also act as a trade representative in the US, clearing goods through customs, organizing warehousing, coordinating importers, and overseeing distribution.

Casa Abril Selections provides producers with valuable advice and guidance at every stage of the process, from the field and vine to the store and table.


Cinco Sentidos, Food & Wine Marketing

Cinco Sentidos, Food & Wine Marketing

Cinco Sentidos designs and delivers integrated communications services that create brand awareness, reinforce brand messaging, and build strong, sustainable brands.

We start with analysis, researching markets to identify opportunities, before positioning products as part of an integrated strategy to ensure your brand reaches consumers.

We develop memorable design concepts and craft visual identities for every application, reflecting and reinforcing the personality and values of client brands and products.

Then, we manage and market your brand, from a one-off, smaller-scale events, such as in-store tastings, to long-term, mass-audience consumer, media, and trade campaigns.

At the same time, we protect the integrity of your brand, ensuring your messages are expressed effectively, and establish meaningful and valuable communication with clients.

Cinco Sentidos serves as a single point of contact for all your US marketing and communications initiatives, enabling us to leverage our relationships to your advantage.

Leveraging Casa Abril Selections’ sourcing and trade expertise, Cinco Sentidos offers boutique design and strategy services to provide private-label services to clients interested in marketing Spanish products under their own brand name.


Viti Vini Verde Cultura

Viti Vini Verde Cultura

From the vineyard to the bottle and beyond, Viti Vini Verde Cultura is an exciting Global Bridges initiative to promote sustainable wine culture, bringing together a select group of family-run, Spanish wineries that produce limited-quantity, high-quality wines with a sense of place and respect for Mother Nature.

Viti Vini Verde Cultura provides member wineries with a whole host of collective benefits, including integrated marketing, event management, media relations, online, and social media services, to help raise awareness about sustainability in Spanish winemaking.

The Viti Vini Verde Cultura brand serves as an umbrella to market sustainable Spanish wines economically and effectively in the USA and other markets, building a strong market presence for handcrafted wines and providing recognition for specialist winemakers that, otherwise, would be expensive to achieve.


Casa Abril ~ Tastings & Tours

Casa Abril ~ Tastings & Tours

Casa Abril ~ Tastings and Tours takes your brand beyond the supermarket shelf and the restaurant menu, creating personal experiences that convert consumers into loyal clients.

In the US, we organize everything from exclusive gastronomic evenings to educational experiences, bringing the best Spain has to offer to a whole new audience.

And, for those who want to discover Spain in person, we arrange group and tailor-made tourism experiences that take travelers off the beaten track and straight to the beating heart of Spain.

From gastronomic voyages of discovery – like learning to cook in a Basque “txokos” or gastronomic societies – to cultural flights of fancy – like cycling through vineyards or watching flamenco in Andalusia – we can make it happen.

Casa Abril’s team of expert guides and extensive network of contacts offer the chance to see Spain with locals, learning more about the country from the inside and experiencing its passion for yourself.