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Wines of Navarra


A region of northern Spain and name given to the wine area between Rioja and the border with France, the Kingdom of Navarra produces some of the country’s most exciting and individual quality wines. From 2007 to 2009, we worked with Wines of Navarra in the USA, reinforcing brand presence and expanding market share.

We were asked to organize a series of consumer-oriented events in major US cities to raise awareness and appreciation for Wines of Navarra, where guests enjoyed a selection of wines from the Kingdom’s wineries. We also created a promotional program in restaurants, involving advertising and marketing campaigns.

Trade: We managed logistics for over 50 Wines of Navarre brands, shipping products to the USA, involving FDA registration, customs clearance and delivery for events in Boston, Miami, and New York City.

Design & Communications:  We developed a new brand image and positioning for Wines of Navarre, and created campaign materials including tasting books for trade and press events, direct marketing tools, and print advertising.

Events: We developed a restaurant program to promote Wines of Navarra that featured the participating restaurant on weekly advertisements in Time Out New York magazine.

Events & Management:  On behalf of Wines of Navarra, we organized seminars and tasting events, with up to 300 attendees, for the press and trade in Boston, Miami, and New York City. We hosted in-store tastings at key wine outlets in Miami and New York City, and held a consumer-oriented event for 90 wine enthusiasts to support City Harvest. We organized culinary demonstrations, featuring Chefs Teresa Gil (Restaurante Don Pablo), Nicolás Jiménez (Tubal) and Enrique Martínez (Maher), at the International Culinary Center, New York City.