Experience + Expertise = Results

Global Bridges connects select Spanish food and wine producers to the media and to high-value hospitality, retail, and trade clients around the world.

Our more-than-just-marketing approach goes full circle, creating opportunities, building brands, increasing market share, and delivering real value.

Expertise: placing the right product in the right place We appreciate exactly what makes Spain's food and wine special, and understand how to make it appeal to the specific tastes of international markets. Our team of strategy, marketing, design, communications and product experts combine their strengths to provide value-added solutions for our clients. 

Experience: Building relationships, building your brand We provide real brand experiences, using research and analysis to define strategies, refine positioning, reinforce presence, and tell your story in a compelling way. Thanks to our 15+ years’ of experience with imported food and wines, we help our clients build their brands overseas, increasing sales and market presence. 

Results: Connecting you to your clients worldwide We don't just talk the talk, looking after your public relations and leaving you to look after the rest, but we walk the walk, every step of the way from producer to consumer